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Town and Country Disposal

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Construction Waste Removal

Town & Country Disposal provides a wide variety of construction waste removal containers, including dumpsters and open top roll-offs.

From small home remodeling and clean-outs, to factories and manufacturing plants, to large construction projects and large businesses – our waste management company prides itself on furnishing quick and efficient set-ups by our experienced and DOT approved Iowa trash and recycling employees.

With Town & Country Disposal at your job site, you can:

  • Make the job easier and cleaner by having a construction waste removal solution on-site
  • Call when the container needs emptying or set up a regular schedule
  • Set up a meeting with our sales representative and your contractor to determine exactly what size is needed to get the job done
  • Receive quick delivery and removal of your container on your timeline

Advantages Of A Dumpster Or A Roll-Off

  • Convenient
  • Cost-efficient
  • Containment of allowable debris and garbage
  • Saves you from hauling construction waste to a landfill

Areas Served

Town & Country Disposal proudly provides commercial dumpster and roll-off service to the following counties:

Lyon County, O’Brien County, Osceola County, Dickinson County, Clay County, and surrounding area
Rock County and surrounding area

 Dumpster & Roll-Off Safety Tips

  1. Containers should never be positioned underneath overhead power lines to avoid danger of electrocution or damages to vehicles.
  2. Toxic, hazardous, or flammable materials are not allowed in the containers.
  3. Do not overload the containers – for heavy material such as concrete, do not fill the container more than 1/2 full.
  4. Keep children away from all containers.
  5. Do not place a container on a concrete slab or driveway as some concrete will crack under the heavy weight of a full container.
  6. Container needs to be placed on a hard, level surface.
  7. Container needs to be accessible in any weather conditions.

Service Area Map

Construction worker throwing waste in a bin.

Container Sizes


1.5 yard
3"10" x 2' 11"x 5'5"
2 yard
4'2" x 3'5" x 5'5"
4 yard
4'2" x 7'2" x 5'5"
6 yard
4'2" x 9'2" x 5'5"


10 yard
    11' x 8' x 3'
15 yard
    11' x 8' x 4'
25 yard
22’ x 8’ x 4’
22' x 8' x 5'

Contact Us

Commercial truck with roll-off bin.

Construction Materials

The following is a list of the Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials for disposal in your Construction Waste Removal containers.

If you have any questions about Town & Country Disposal garbage collection at your construction site, please contact Town & Country Disposal at 712-472-2493.

Unacceptable Items

The following items are banned by your local landfill:

  • Animal carcasses    
  • Appliances
  • Ashes
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Grass
  • Hazardous waste - paint, solvents, gasoline, oil, etc.
  • Items containing asbestos
  • Leaves
  • Medical Waste
  • Propane tanks
  • Tires
  • Any Yard Waste

Acceptable Items

  • Concrete (roll-off containers only)
  • Furniture
  • Insulation
  • Metal Regular household trash
  • Roofing (roll-off containers only)
  • Sheet rock
  • Wood

For More Information, Visit:

Northwest Iowa Landfill Information (pdf)
Dickinson Recycling Facility
Northwest Iowa Landfill (website)

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